Meet Alchemy Counseling

When Marc Davis first came to us, his practice was brand new. Now, Alchemy Counseling transforms lives every day.

“Cobranding has been a huge help in all of the marketing and business aspects of my private practice. From the creation of my logo and website to social media management, their patience and attention to detail every step of the way have been invaluable.”

Marc Davis, LMHC

Meet Marc!

When we first started working with Marc, he had a few virtual therapy clients, but he didn’t have a practice. With aspirations to grow into a bigger practice and one day get a physical space of his own to see clients in, Marc needed some help learning how to run his business and making the daunting transition from sole practitioner to professionally-branded practice.

The coBranding Process At Work

Brand Clarity

Before doing anything else, we needed to make sure that Marc was clear on a few important things: who he wanted to work with, how he wanted his practice to function, and of course, the practice’s name. We made a plan to help him get from where he was to where he wanted to be, and worked together to brainstorm potential names for the practice. We landed on Alchemy Counseling, as it aligned with his fantasy-themed interests and also represented the transformation and growth that he wanted his clients to experience through working with him.

Brand Foundations

We then moved forward to create brand foundations and deliverables for Alchemy Counseling. Our goal was to design something elegant and professional-looking that visually represented the meaning behind the new practice’s name.

Brand Operations

As a brand new practice, Alchemy needed some support in setting up custom coded financial tracking and budgeting sheets. Marc had some systems already set up (a scheduling software and client management system), which we were able to embed into the back end of his website to provide incredibly user-friendly and efficient experiences for both him and his clients.

Brand Presence

It was very important to Marc to have an informative and functional brand-cohesive website that incorporated colorful images and poignant quotes that held personal significance for him.  Equipped with all of the needed streamlining integrations, seo, and fresh copy, the website we created incorporates compelling images that work with Alchemy’s brand color palette and meaningful quotes on nearly every page.


We also created branded social media templates for his content, a branded newsletter template, a social media plan, and efficient marketing tools to help him market his practice without spending too much time or energy on anything that would take him away from what he loves most - working with his clients.

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