Meet Atmaitri

When we first met Regyna Curtis, her business’s services and messaging were disconnected, and her branding did not resonate with her or her clients. Today, Atmaitri is a creative haven for soul wisdom explorers with a colorful brand to match.

“Rachel and her team are real people who genuinely want you to succeed - in whatever form that may be for you. They are compassionate listeners who are able to bring your vision to life. This process is a collaboration. My advice to anyone embarking on this journey is to show up for it. Do the homework and speak your truth; even the messy parts that come out as awkward stories and visual metaphors. When it doesn't fit or feel right, say it. When you feel too … anything, know that this is a safe space to share and there is a team of people waiting to help you find the right tools to get you realigned with your vision and headed in the right direction.”

Regyna Curtis

Meet Regyna!

Regyna Curtis founded her company, Atmaitri, to be a vehicle for her intuitive coaching work and creativity. She has had great success helping her clients navigate hardship and live healthier lives. Despite all that has accomplished through Atmaitri, Regyna was feeling under-fulfilled, unclear, and unmotivated. Something felt wrong.

The coBranding Process At Work

Brand Clarity

The first thing we needed to do was to pinpoint who Regyna truly is as a practitioner/business owner. After a few coaching questions and a lot of guided reflective homework, she was able to identify the core disconnect that was causing her to fall out of love with the business she created. With that realization came the clarity to completely overhaul her messaging, her offers, and her brand. 

Brand Foundations

A passionate, colorful practitioner, her old logo simply did not resonate with her or her ideal clients - mostly because she didn’t know who she or her ideal clients really were. Taking inspiration from Regyna’s own original art style, the Atmaitri rebrand allowed for us to truly capture her spirit and mission for her business in a vibrant, communicative, and credible way. 

Brand Operations

Regyna’s newfound clarity enabled us to identify the causes behind the struggle she encountered in regard to the administrative side of her business. With that knowledge, we were able to create custom operational systems and solutions that empowered her to master her workflow efficiently and effectively, allowing her business to become easier to manage, leaving more room for doing what she loves most.

Brand Presence


atmaitri before.jpg


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Many of these operational systems now live in Regyna’s new website, which has had a full copy, brand, and seo makeover. Her website is home not only to extensive information about Regyna’s background and services, but also to booking systems and the many creative/soul wisdom events she hosts through Atmaitri throughout the year. Furthermore, she now has access to branded templates for both emails and social media to ensure a strong, brand-cohesive presence across all platforms.