"After becoming licensed as a practicing psychologist, I embarked on tutoring and consulting the dreaded Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), psychology’s version of the Bar examination. In a short period of time, a part-time venture evolved into a full-time business. At present, I have approximateIy 60 clients and recently had my 35th client pass the exam. However, with great success comes great stress and I quickly realized that I needed to professionalize my service.

Enter Rachel Miller! After discovering Rachel’s start up, coBranding LLC, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. From start to finish, Rachel and her content strategist, Becca Levin, were there for me. They custom-tailored a brand for me which included a website, professional imaging, social media, logo, business cards, and stationery. In addition to the content, Rachel and Becca were ALWAYS accessible either by text, phone, or email. They were not only professional but ‘very user-friendly’ (a must for a technologically-challenged psychologist). I recommend coBranding LLC strongly for any healthcare professional seeking to enhance their brand and attract their target market!" - Stephen J. Haran, Psy.D., State of NJ, Licensed Practicing Psychologist

Dr. Stephen Haran is a licensed psychologist who has been working in his field for over 15 years. He recently turned his attention to building a tutoring program for other psychologists to help them pass the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (or EPPP) which is required in the United States for all practicing psychologists.

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