Meet Equilibrium Psychotherapy

Shauna Wallace was going into private practice for the first time and knew that she needed a strong brand to set herself apart from other practitioners.

“Working with coBranding Studio was the push I needed to gain the confidence to dive into private practice. Not only did Rachel and Becca help me to refine my niche and brand in a passion-driven way, but they were so supportive, encouraging, and flexible. They were always willing to accommodate and taught me a great deal about business and branding so that I can continue to grow and evolve with my brand for years to come. They brought such amazing energy to the process and broke it down so that it felt manageable and no longer daunting! If you’re ready to take your business from dream to reality, look no further!”

Shauna Wallace

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Meet Shauna!

Shauna knew that she thrived in private practice where she could control her own schedule and take on the clients that she most wanted to help.  But as a young woman and a recent graduate, it was incredibly intimidating to take the leap and strike out on her own.  Together we worked through all the potential roadblocks and set up good habits now so that Shauna can continue thriving as a business owner and as a therapist!

The coBranding Process At Work

Brand Clarity

As a new graduate, Shauna was ready to take the leap into officially starting her own practice.  She knew her target market intimately but was struggling to find the verbiage that captured her vision for a practice that could grow as she did.  We went through several variations of an "I help" statement until we found the one that fit her process perfectly and pinpointed a business name together.

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Brand Foundations

We went through multiple logo drafts to find the one that spoke to Shauna's heart and soul as a person and as a practitioner.  It was important to her that the right logo felt like home.  From deciding on the brand imagery to tweaking the exact shades of blue and pink, it was a collaborative process from start to finish!

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Brand Operations

To stay relevant in today's world, many therapists are incorporating online or virtual sessions to accommodate people as they travel or quarantine to stay safe from ongoing COVID-19 infections.  Shauna decided to register with the e-therapy platform Jane so we made sure her scheduling tools were integrated with her new website and that all of the visuals in Jane were cohesive with her new brand.

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Brand Presence

Shauna had lots of great ideas for the website, so during her discussions with Becca, we were able to work together to identify what she likes about other websites and what she wanted to incorporate into her own.  Gathering a handful of websites that you really like the look and style of can be very helpful in the design process so we can identify some key concepts or layouts that appeal to you.

From selecting the perfect pictures, to the FAQ text layout, to the accent stars on either side of the webpages, Shauna chose to be heavily involved in the creative and artistic development of her brand.  We love working with both kinds of people - the ones who have tons of ideas they want to see and the ones who prefer to let us handle it from start to finish!

Now she has everything she needs to make waves in the mental health of her local community: a stunning website, matching social and email templates, as well as spreadsheets and operational guidelines to make sure she can stay organized and efficient.

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