Owner and Founder

Brand Designer and Strategist

Rachel Miller founded coBranding Studio with ten-plus years of experience in the graphic design and branding world, as well as five years in corporate management and business development.  Her greatest professional passion is empowering others to live their dreams through creativity and innovation.


When she's not working, Rachel can often be found making eggplant parm, playing music, or spending time with her partner and their furbaby.

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Web Designer and Copywriter

Becca Levin is a lifelong creative, pursuing multiple crafts and artistic outlets from a young age.  After working with Rachel for many years in other capacities, they were overjoyed to study graphic design and join the coBranding family.  As the staff web designer and copywriter, Becca works mostly behind the scenes, taking the information Rachel gathers on your brand coaching calls and turning it into a stellar brand and online presence.

Outside of work, Becca can often be found reading the latest sci-fi and fantasy releases, playing World of Warcraft, or exploring a new crafting hobby.

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Social Media Manager

Always having had an eye for the imagination, Melissa has been painting and drawing since she could hold a pencil, and she's been a long-time friend of Rachel and Becca. Melissa's specialty is social media design and strategy, and she is passionate about helping clients reach their highest social media presence.

When she's not designing social media posts, she's working on music and performing with her Indie Rock band as Melissa Cherie.

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CEO of Belly Rubs

Buddy thinks he runs coBranding and we like to keep it that way.  At seventeen years old, the little man likes to spend his time around the office supervising calls for quality assurance and asking for treats.

His hobbies include eating chicken, barking at the neighbors, playing with his Gumby squeaky toy, and scavenging for any crumbs that may have made their way onto the floor.