Empowering passionate health and wellness professionals to make a difference through business foundations, brand identity, and innovative solutions.

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At coBranding, we are passionate about helping health and wellness professionals so they can help those who need them most. These incredible practitioners are often so busy taking care of everyone else to ensure the success of their own practice. Through our empowering entrepreneurial coaching, impactful brand development, and graphic design deliverables, we are able to streamline operations, ensure a clean, clear, communicative, credible brand presence, and set these incredible people up for success so they can just worry about doing what they do best.






How We Help


Our coaching program is a 1:1 collaborative experience crafted to your unique needs. Equipped with an extensive background in graphic design, branding, business development, and operations, our founder/director Rachel works with you for a six week coaching period, during with you work together to set goals, turn those goals into clear action items, and complete them. Regardless of where you're struggling, (examples: brand cohesion, target market research, getting your name out there online, establishing and managing operations systems to streamline your business, etc) this extremely customizable program is designed to help you learn, accomplish your goals, and to set you and your business up for long term success.


  • 1 desktop & mobile optimized site

  • Full copywriting services

  • Full content SEO overhaul

  • 1 email marketing template

Through our done-for-you branding process, we are able to design a unique brand presence that proudly communicates the practitioner’s personality, credibility, and professionalism and serves as a magnet for the perfect client, inspiring them to act.​. At the intersection of form and function, our process provides the foundation for effective marketing, smooth operations, and a path to success.

This process includes:

  • 1 hr brand strategy call

  • 1 logo design

  • 1 brand one sheet

  • 1 business card / email signature design
  • Lifetime web tech troubleshooting

  • Social setup on multiple platforms

  • 3 marketing content templates

  • Unlimited revisions

“Working with Rachel, Becca and Sam has been such a treat. Rachel spent a lot of time getting to know me and what I was hoping to incorporate into my brand. They offered wonderful options depending on what my needs were and helped me streamline my own thoughts in a cohesive plan. I’m so impressed and love the quality of work. Every member of the team has answered all of my questions and taught me how to use the platforms more efficiently than I ever knew. This has been such a pleasure."

– Kelly Keck, LMHC

What Our Clients Say

The wonderful and helpful artists at Cobranding studio helped me bring an obscure vision to reality. The brand image they came up with was stellar and encapsulated me and my brand wholeheartedly. Becca might be a walking version of inter webs for dummies. She clearly and concisely elucidates information for others. Sam is a dope as heck artist. They worked seamlessly with and gave me the confidence to give them the space to work. I got my logo tattooed on me so needless to say I was pleased.  There are leaders, bosses, and supervisors of all types.  Rachel is probably one of the best at giving her colleagues the room to art and create their own way. This is what I loved most about coBranding. Everyone was able to be themselves and express it in their work. All the crew at coBranding led me down a wonderful path to product fulfillment. I am currently working with them on two other projects and the experience gets better every time. Thank you all for making a daunting task easy and manageable. You are all the best.

– Akili Carter, Mental Health Counselor, Poet, Author, & Writer

"Working with coBranding is one of the best decisions I ever made.  Their professionalism and knowledge is unparalleled.  They take the time to understand your goals and vision and then they create a website and the tools necessary to give you a great presence in your market.  The website, logo, and social marketing materials coBranding created for me is invaluable."

– Darvis Simms, ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Author

“Working with coBranding is truly a pleasure. They're not only invested in your personal and professional goals, they partner with you to create marketing concepts that are in alignment with your courageous visions. They're passionate, caring and so easy to work with!”

– Khaya Caine, Life Coach

"Working with the coBranding group is like being a part of a Symphony! Rachel is the conductor - she has the music for everyone’s part and is prepared to address all issues. She comes through immediately whenever needed! Becca leads the string section with the most soniferous and harmonious sounds, with a bonus being every time you hear her beautiful voice just hum, it makes your day! Sam is the leader of the woodwind section, dazzling the sound with magnificent creations for each need, adapting her presentations accordingly! You can count on her to match whatever tune you desire! These artists are truly enough for any project you might have in mind."

– Marilyn Roderick, MD

“After discovering coBranding, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. From start to finish, the team was there for me. They custom-tailored a brand for me which included a website, professional imaging, social media, logo, business cards, and stationery. In addition to the content, they were ALWAYS accessible either by text, phone, or email. They were not only professional but very user-friendly (a must for a technologically-challenged psychologist). I recommend coBranding strongly for any healthcare professional seeking to enhance their brand and attract their target market!"

– Stephen J. Haran, Psy.D.

“coBranding studio was such a joy to work with - a creative team seeing the vision and mission - to collaborate with such expansiveness, attention to detail, perception, and so much patience. They designed and rebranded my holistic health business with 20/20 vision. The logo and website were just as I expected it would look, particularly colorful. Swift & superior service. The best I have had the opportunity to work with. They far exceeded my expectations in every way."

– Juliane Renée, Holistic Health Practitioner

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