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“The coBranding team was so skilled at helping me to focus on my niche, developing a logo and brand near and dear to my heart in my favorite colors. They helped me to stay organized and on task and taught me so very much throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them and utilize their expertise again in future projects.”


 - Annette Boulden


“Rachel was such a joy to work with. She revised my website for my dream business and allowed me to expand my horizons. I would definitely recommend using coBranding for anything related to starting or growing your business. Her team has given me hope that my business will grow and become more successful than I thought was possible.  I am looking forward to working with her more in the future.”  


-Nicole Bowen-Wiley


“Working with coBranding was a tremendous journey for me and our team. Rachel was timely, energetic, and strategic. She was great at combining her skills with our team's goals and ideas. She is a team player that knows how to mold her experience into our identity with effortless results! We truly enjoyed our experience with Rachel and her team!"  


- Joshua Malone 


“After overloading Rachel and Becca with information about the kind of community resource we were trying to make and what we wanted the branding and design to embody, they delivered. We could not be happier with our website and our logo. It is exactly what we wanted to convey to the public at large.”


- Ahimsa Luciano


“All I can say is…Rachel is AMAZING! Not only do I absolutely love my website, we brought it to life together, which means a lot. When I didn’t have the words her expertise shined through. It’s like she was reading my mind and took my thoughts and gave them life. She also taught me how to make changes, how to upload images and how to keep my website fresh.”

- Erica Freneey


“From start to finish, the coBranding team was there for me. They were not only professional but very user-friendly (a must for a technologically-challenged psychologist). I recommend coBranding strongly for any healthcare professional seeking to enhance their brand and attract their target market!"  


– Stephen J. Haran, Psy.D. 


“Rachel spent a lot of time getting to know me and offered wonderful options depending on what my needs were. She helped me streamline my own thoughts in a cohesive plan.

This has been such a pleasure." 


– Kelly Keck, LMHC


“Working with coBranding is truly a pleasure. They're not only invested in your personal and professional goals, they partner with you to create marketing concepts that are in alignment with your courageous visions. They're passionate, caring

and so easy to work with!”


 – Khaya Caine


“coBranding was such a joy to work and collaborate with such expansiveness, attention to detail, perception, and so much patience. The logo and website were just as I expected it would look. The best I have had the opportunity to work with. They far exceeded my expectations in every way."  


– Juliane Renée


"Working with coBranding is one of the best decisions I ever made. Their professionalism and knowledge is unparalleled. They take the time to understand your goals and vision and then they create a website and the tools necessary to give you a great presence

in your market.”  


– Darvis Simms