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With two decades of combined experience in graphic design, branding, web design, copywriting, business development, and corporate management, the coBranding team redefined the word “brand.”


We believe that “brand” is far more than just an aesthetic identity. A strong brand must take into account every single detail that makes up a business. It can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint each individual nuance that may be hurting or helping a small business, and it is even more difficult to refine and rework them in a way that allows them to function as a single well-oiled machine. That is precisely what our process was designed to do.

The coBranding Process (“co” for “comprehensive”, “cohesive”, and other words we absolutely love) is a unique branding method that revolves around four pillars of brand identity and overall success: Brand Clarity, Brand Foundations, Brand Operations, and Brand Presence. In most branding processes, each pillar is treated as a fragmented piece. Because of our strong belief that each pillar relies on the others being equally strong for continued success, our process takes them all into account. We’ve seen firsthand that if all four pillars are not addressed with the same care and attention, the overall brand will suffer in one way or another.


Our unique eight week process allows for us to provide a custom-tailored branding experience that empowers each client’s individual branding needs to be identified, addressed, and acted upon. Each week, we meet for one hour with our clients to discuss and collaborate on particular objectives. We then work to complete any outstanding deliverables for review the following week.


While each client’s journey is unique, the typical coBranding Process looks like this:

Week 1: Goal Setting

Utilizing our four pillars, we complete a thorough brand audit, in which we identify and discuss our clients’ brand goals, make recommendations, and create concrete objectives for us to accomplish together.

Week 2: Brand Clarity


Clarity is a vital ingredient in any branding process. Before we build upon any other aspects of the brand, it’s vital to understand who we’re talking to, how we work with them, and what we want to say. Keeping this information in mind while we work through the rest of the branding process allows us to create a resonant, impactful brand that establishes trust and strikes a chord with the right people.

Taking that clarity into consideration, we create the aesthetic foundations of the brand - logo and brand style guide. These vital brand elements serve as a brand “rule book” moving forward, as following consistent brand guidelines ensures cohesion and professionalism across all platforms.

This also allows us to create any other design deliverables needed (business cards, email signature, promotional postcards, etc.)

Week 3: Brand Foundations


Week 4: Brand Operations

Form is nothing without function! Your brand needs to be able to provide an incredibly smooth client experience. Additionally, your business needs to work for youWe know that you’re probably wearing 1,000 hats, constantly juggling tasks and struggling to find time to turn off “work brain” and just be a human.


We identify areas where your workflow can benefit from streamlining, organizational systems, efficient website integrations, and other innovative operational solutions. We then seamlessly incorporate these solutions into your business.

Weeks 5-8: Brand Presence

Finally, all of the elements we’ve worked on come together in a functional, beautiful, impactful online presence.


We build you a custom website that serves as a virtual office space - providing an excellent client experience and immersing your visitors in a beautiful, brand-cohesive space. Equipped with strong copy, seo, and integrations that increase your efficiency, your website is far more than just an informational online destination.


We also equip you with branded newsletter and social media templates, a custom marketing calendar, scheduling software, and training on how to maintain it all efficiently and effectively to ensure that these tools set you up for long-term success.