Meet Out of the Cave

Lisa Schlosberg was an accomplished therapist and coach when we first talked to her, but she was ready for something more.

“I cannot recommend working with Rachel and the CoBranding team highly enough. As a brand new entrepreneur, I was SO nervous about launching my business and trusting my website and branding with someone else. I am so happy to say that I would absolutely do it all over again. Rachel, Becca, and the team have been responsive, reliable, and efficient from start to finish. CoBranding supported me both strategically and creatively as we collaborated to build the fundamental components of my brand and company and I feel so grateful for this experience. I’m so pleased with how everything turned out, and I truly cannot thank them enough for such incredible service and for being such a pleasure to work with over the last few months. Let them help you take your business to the next level - you won’t regret it!”

Lisa Schlosberg, LMSW

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Meet Lisa!

During our first conversation, Lisa was an established therapist working one on one with clients who had an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies.  But she had big dreams about reaching more people and helping to train other coaches and therapists in her methodology.  Together, we helped craft a whole new brand that could support her through her expansion, including state of the art online course modules where clients could access material and post questions for feedback and community support.

The coBranding Process At Work

Brand Clarity

Lisa was incredibly clear on her target market, but was having trouble figuring out how to scale.  We realized that operating under her own name wasn't going to be enough anymore, and that she wanted something that could become a globally recognizable brand.

Brand Foundations

Mindfulness and self-awareness is at the core of Lisa's incredible work, so we made sure it stayed at the core of her brand.  Blue is a calming and stabilizing color, and it is sometimes even recommended for weight loss because of its lack of association to the areas of the brain that process cravings.  With these things in mind, we created a stunning logo that helped express everything Lisa does for her clients.

Brand Operations

Lisa's biggest problem when she started working with us was a lack of scalability.  She needed to reach more people, not only so that she could help as many people as possible but also so that she could support herself completely with her work.  One major area that was holding her back was group courses.  She was working off of a mish-mash of platforms from private Facebook groups to Google Drive folders to individually composed emails.  We helped her create a beautiful forum and online course area in her own website where she could automate the process so that all of her clients got access to what they needed, when they needed it.

Brand Presence

Lisa wanted to keep her original social media accounts to ease the transition for her current clients and fanbase, so we worked to expand her brand by linking new Out of the Cave accounts to the existing accounts under her own name.  Although having so many social channels can be overwhelming for some, we made sure Lisa was fully prepared with custom templates and social images to differentiate each account, as well as a full custom training on how to use her social presence effectively.

We're thrilled to watch her helping more people than ever through her online course, as well as preparing to launch so many more exciting new projects!

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