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How to work when you're sick

Spring is here (and so are our allergies.) If you absolutely must work when you’re feeling under the weather, here are our best tips:

1. Get comfy. Working in our pajamas? We are certainly a fan. If you absolutely must work when you’re sick or suffering from allergies, make it as comfortable as possible: Pajamas (or comfy clothes), a blanket, cup of tea, and tissue box just within reach. 2. Pace yourself. When you're sick, you most likely move slower than you normally do. Give yourself adequate time to do things, like prepare for meetings, eat lunch, etc. When we’re sick, we don’t want to tax our minds and bodies by rushing to get to meetings or neglecting our self-care. 3. Prioritize. Postpone the non-essential, non-time sensitive tasks, and pare down your “to do” list to the bare necessities. If it can wait, let it wait. Be realistic about what you can do. Even if you can manage to knock out a few really important tasks, not only will you feel accomplished, but you’ll keep things moving the way. Bonus tip: We don’t have time for perfectionism when we’re ill. Aim for work that is “finished, correct, and looks good” as opposed to “perfect.” 4. Delegate If it can wait, let it wait. If it can’t, delegate. This is your reminder to not be afraid to ask for help! 5. Give yourself permission to rest. The world will not come to a crashing, burning end if you have to post-pone a meeting or put work off until you’re 100%. Do what you can, and let it be enough. Stay well!


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