Jess's Workspace Tour

Welcome back to coBranding’s blog! In a series of posts from each member of our team, you’ll be getting an in-depth look at our workspaces, and the parts of it that keep us going. This week you’ll be looking at Sales and Marketing Coordinator Jess’s home office!

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When I was getting ready to start this job, there were a few things I knew I needed. While some things were obvious, there were other things I started thinking of that I realized were preventative measures in regards to my ADHD. I am very proud of the space I’ve created and the ways I’ve established rules and accommodations to keep myself as in-check as possible, and I’m so happy to give you some insight on how someone like me manages working from home.

The first thing I knew I was going to need was a new computer. I had the same mid-2012 MacBook Pro for 6 years. It still works enough for basic web browsing, but it’s slow as molasses. I tried updating the battery (it needed it anyways) and the RAM after I graduated school in 2019, and it only marginally improved start-up speeds. I couldn’t play The Sims on it like I used to, nor could I be in a video call for more than 30 minutes before it would crash. There are a couple possible explanations, but either way, I knew it was time to explore other options. I also knew I didn't want another laptop because I didn’t want the ability to get up and move around, as this could be distracting. I wanted to be able to play games on it after work hours, and knowing all this, but knowing I also didn’t need a total powerhouse, I built a modest desktop PC with lots of help from my partner.

The next obvious thing I needed was my desk. I knew I wanted a desk that had more open areas to grab anything I need, rather than lots of drawers I can easily shove stuff into and lose track of. I love the “wood surface, metal structure” look, and the two drawers at the bottom are actually helpful to store extra office supplies I have and more, without having enough space in them to accidentally hide important items from myself. I didn’t want to risk spilling anything on it or ruining the surface in other creative ways so I also really appreciate this desk pad I purchased which can be found here:

Since I have Cystic Fibrosis, I also have a cart on wheels that has my medications, medical equipment, and other crucial parts of my routine such as skin care and hygiene items (I used to do some of this in the bathroom, but I found that it’s more meditative to come sit at my desk after I shower and wash my face, and then apply everything), and glasses cleaner with a cloth.

There are lots of smaller things I picture when I imagine an ideal office for myself that I found essential - including one I wasn’t expecting - and they didn’t take a lot of hassle to get. Here’s a list of those things:

  • A plant - I personally like to see a little greenery here and there in any space, so I repotted a spider plant from my mother’s house and brought it to my desk.

  • Candles - I love burning scented candles, especially WoodWick candles because the crackling of the wood wick is pleasant to hear. I highly recommend them to elevate your candle burning experience, and while that sounds silly, I assure you I’m serious.

  • An Echo Dot - The ease of use for setting reminders, timers, and asking quick questions has improved not only my work flow but also my adherence to my medications and treatments. Sure, these tasks can be done on my phone (a Google Pixel 3a XL, if you’re wondering), but the more I pick up my phone, the more likely I am to get distracted. And let’s face it, it is far easier to say “Alexa” than it is to say “Hey Google.” I have a 2nd generation, but the newest can be bought here:

  • A mug warmer - This is my surprise essential! I drink coffee every single morning, and it’s usually hot. My biggest gripe surrounding this was my desk being right next to a window, and the house gets drafty. While I love iced coffee, I don’t like coffee that was supposed to be hot getting cold on me. This mug warmer keeps my coffee at a warm, drinkable temperature as long as it’s there. I love it. The one I have can be purchased here:

The last thing I need for an office space (especially a remote one) is some decoration! This came pretty easily to me because one of my favorite artists is Anastasia Tasou. I’ve been following her for an incredibly long time, and I just love how interactive she is with her work. Hung above my desk are just a few of the many coloring pages I’ve completed of hers, many of which are free to download! It was a no brainer to order some blue tac and hang up as many pages as I could. I also bought some artificial vines with LED lights to hang from my wall to further enjoy some greenery in my room, which you can see a little bit in the pictures! Over the year I plan to buy more seasonally appropriate garlands to hang with the vines as well to keep things fresh and mix it up!

Check out her store at where you can find lots of printable goodies for free! You can also find her on Instagram at @anastasiatasou and Twitter @anastasiahey

Well, there you have it: a comprehensive list of everything in my office space that keeps me functional and happy. I hope someone out there finds my weird little spot amusing, eye opening, or inspiring!