Sam's Workspace Tour

Happy Monday and welcome back! This week we're excited to start a series blog posts exploring our team's workspaces. These will be posted once a month! Today we start with our endlessly brilliant Lead Designer, Sam. Check it out and have a great rest of your day!

Hello! I'm Sam and I'm the Lead Designer with coBranding. Today, I'm going to give you a little tour of my workspace and why it works so well for me!

This is my desk and everything I need for an average day. I use the iMac as my main computer and a random Samsung TV for a second screen (I can't just go around buying a second iMac!). It's super helpful for me to see everything nicely laid out in front of me while working. Sometimes I even get my MacBook Pro involved and make 3 screens. I also always have my little desk fan from Muji because I love the cold and always need it to be cold. Finally, I keep my Blue Yeti mic ready to go for any VOs or video calls.

Here's a closer look at my computer and office chair! I love ASMR so of course I have a little sticker from ALB in Whisperland on my screen. I muted my Alexa because she is always trying to say something while I'm on a call and never when I'm working and available for updates. I have a lumbar support pillow from Amazon on my chair because I tend to get so caught up in my work that I forget to keep good posture. It has helped me a lot and I definitely recommend getting one!

I love my little sunflower tapestry that decorates the wall behind me. I have grown very fond of tapestries ever since I noticed how drastically they can alter a room. I get so many compliments on Zoom and love the beautiful touch it adds to my office.

As you can see, I have another tapestry hiding to the right of this picture. You can tell I really love them! In the space between tapestries, I like to keep a wall calendar. This year, I'm using a calendar I got from JOANN Fabrics for free [after I purchased some items]. Though my main calendar is the iCal on my iPhone, I always love having a pretty visual representation of the days ahead for quick and easy viewing.

There you have it! There is something very special about having an office of your own and I am very grateful for the opportunity to use it everyday (and of course decorate it however I want). I hope you have a wonderful day!

♡ Sam Sz

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