The Business-Boosting Power of Niching Down

Before coBranding Studio was coBranding Studio, our founder, CEO, and creative director Rachel was faced with a dilemma. She had skills and she had experience, but because she would do the work for almost anyone, there was no way to be sure that she had a system that worked. So, what did she do to fix this? She figured out that her work was most rewarding in the health and wellness industry at the time, so she narrowed down her client searches to health and wellness professionals, and became coBranding!

The thing is, small business is ever-evolving. When you are good at something, you want to provide that for everyone you possibly can. But when you spread yourself too thin, you deprive yourself from knowing for sure that what you are providing really works for you and your market.

So what can you do to hone in on your skills in order to have a successful pivot in business? Firstly, pay close attention to patterns within your clients, customers, audience, you name it. Who do you find is attracted to your business in the first place? (For example, if you’re a catering company and you find your clients are always booking you for weddings vs. other events). If you can find a pattern and enjoy that aspect of your work, you’ve already got that niche set up for you and can work on branding your business for that specific purpose.

What if most of your market is seeking you out for work you enjoy less? Well, that’s a question that needs to be answered with research. Some of the questions you may want to ask are:

  1. Is your branding cohesive with what you want to present and what you want to work in?

  2. Is there a competing business that attracts more of the clients you want?

  3. Is the geographical location you’re in not conducive to attracting your target market?

  4. Is your marketing strategy aligned with that of businesses attracting your target market?

If you’re unhappy with any of your answers to these questions, there is hope! Branding can be updated to reflect your focus with the help of the right designer. Competing in a popular niche can be difficult, so try to identify what sets you apart. Maybe a more personal touch is required, maybe the customer’s experience can be enhanced with an extra feature or service that wasn’t previously offered. These are all things worth exploring within your business!

While coBranding Studio is no longer an agency that focuses solely on health and wellness professionals (stay tuned for our article on expansion), we know very well how beneficial it is to niche down, even temporarily. Our process begins with two coaching sessions with Rachel about your business’s needs, including niching down. Schedule a Strategy Call today to learn more and to start your branding journey with coBranding!