Why Your Website Copy Is Important (and what is copy anyway?)

When you start a company, the first step is often to set up your website and social media. (If you haven’t done that yet, go read our article 5 Reasons Why Branding Is Crucial for Health and Wellness Professionals right now!) However, visual impact isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re ready to launch your online presence.

We hear the word ‘copy’ thrown around a lot in the online marketing world, but what does it mean exactly? Broadly speaking, copy is any written text (as opposed to photos or graphs) within an article or publication. However, within the world of marketing and advertisements, copy typically refers to marketing content written with the main goal that it inspires the reader to take action. In your case, the desired action could be signing on as a client, scheduling a consultation, or even just subscribing to your mailing list.

How do you know when you have impactful copy? Good copy should motivate the reader to take action by eliciting an emotional response or triggering a sense of intrigue and curiosity, urging them to learn more about your practice, services, or products. In addition, good copy should support your brand values and help establish trust between you and your readers. If your brand is built on accessibility, personal relationships, and friendly conversation, you wouldn’t want to use exaggerated language and SAT-worthy vocabulary which act directly against your mission to be approachable and friendly.

As an example, here are two brief product descriptions. Pay attention to how each one makes you feel and what kind of product it seems to be describing.

FloweryWhiff Natural Vegan Deodorant:

Our vegan deodorants are made with creamy and gentle butters and therapeutic essential oils, which should keep your armpits smelling lovely whilst also moisturizing the skin.

We've thought about what ingredients and packaging will cause as little harm to the environment as possible. So we can claim they are free from lots of P's! - preservatives - parabens - palm oil - petroleum products and plastic. It's also free from aluminium, an ingredient often found in antiperspirants.

We try to source as many organic and fair trade ingredients as possible. These deodorant sticks are 78% organic.

We love zero waste and are always on the lookout for better packaging. We're pleased with being able to use eco-friendly card tubes which are compostable and hopefully will be fully composted within two years. We also use recycled biodegradable paper labels. The card may darken with use as the product is oily but don't worry it doesn't damage the deodorant.

Old Spice Swagger Antiperspirant

Swagger Antiperspirant and Deodorant goes on invisible and keeps you feeling dry and odor-free all day

Swagger is the scent of confidence, which happens to smell like lime and cedarwood

Part of our Red Zone Collection, Swagger transforms unfresh men into legends of confidence

Antiperspirant gives you odor fighting protection like deodorant, but fights sweat too

Both products serve the same general purpose, but which one would you be more inclined to buy? The first deodorant has wordier description but focuses on the environmental benefits of your purchase. When you buy that deodorant you’re not just taking care of your own personal hygiene, you’re helping the planet. It’s worded in a friendly manner and emphasizes the fact that you have power in your spending to support businesses that have an eco-friendly business model. In comparison, the second option chooses to appeal to their customer’s sense of masculinity, strength, and power. It is worded shortly, succinctly, and even aggressively in some places. Where the natural deodorant reads that it will “keep your armpits smelling lovely whilst also moisturizing the skin,” the Old Spice deodorant “gives you odor fighting protection like deodorant, but fights sweat too.” The vocabulary choices between smelling lovely (a passive result) and fighting odor (an active verb) create different emotional responses to the two. Regardless of the tone or personality of your business though, you should always ensure that your copy is free of typos and grammatical errors.

However, your website copy does not only impact the people reading your information online. In the world of web design and copywriting, the importance of SEO cannot be overlooked. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the process of designing your copy to rank highly for search results. We can gain a better understanding of this by understanding the basic process by which a web search works.

Although other search engines do exist, Google is by far the most popular search engine, cornering almost 90% of the market as of July 2020, and is the primary goal for most SEO efforts, so we will use the Google search results for the term “dentist Wayne NJ” as an example. If you are an individual who has recently moved to that area, you may be looking for new healthcare providers. A Google search is often the first step for many people to see who offers those services in their area. As soon as you search for that term, Google automatically begins reading and sorting hundreds of thousands of websites to see which ones match your search term and are most relevant to your intentions. In the image below, you can see the first four results that came up from this search. Please note that we have purposefully excluded paid advertisements, as those always take priority over natural SEO results.

We can see that there are a few common threads between all of the results that ranked this highly. They all have the town and state featured prominently on the site, ensuring that the results we see first match the location we’re looking for. Additionally, they all have the words of our search in the title of the website. Once you have your website copy optimized for search results, it’s always a good idea to have a web designer or SEO specialist take a look at your site. There are lots of minor settings for most websites such as setting page titles or image descriptions that can also help give you a boost in the search results.

Now, SEO isn’t an exact science and it’s next to impossible to make guarantees on website placement based purely on SEO. There are new websites, new businesses, and new articles being published every day that may change the rankings, so paid advertising is the only guaranteed shot of ranking highly. However, natural SEO can definitely give you a better chance, since many people don’t think to make the minor changes that can make major improvements.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have good copy on your site, rest assured. We include a full overhaul of all the copy on your website and social media profiles which always includes search engine optimization for the entire site. Ready to revamp your website? Book a strategy call now to see how we can set you up for success!