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What is the coBranding Process?

Transform your health and wellness practice in weeks!

coBranding Studio brings you more than two decades of combined experience in graphic design, branding, corporate management, and business development, as well as a passion for empowering health and wellness professionals. Our team is dedicated to being your versatile one-stop shop for all of the many aspects of building and maintaining your brand.

Our clients are like family, and our greatest passion is to empower them through creativity and innovation to be set up for long-term success doing what they love most.

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The Branding Process

Your brand is far more than just an aesthetic identity. A strong brand must take into account every detail of your business, from the resonance of your messaging to the fonts and colors you're using, to the cohesiveness of your social media accounts. It can be incredibly overwhelming and difficult to evaluate each individual nuance to see what may be hurting or helping your small business, and it is even more difficult to refine and rework them in a way that allows them to function as a single well-oiled machine. That is precisely what our process was designed to do.

What makes our brand process unique are two major components: it’s comprehensive and it’s collaborative. Throughout the whole process, we meet weekly on Zoom for an hour. This allows us to make sure that we get to know and meet your unique needs throughout our time working together.

We start out with a brand audit to make sure that we have a thorough idea of where your brand currently stands and where it needs support. This audit allows us to provide you with the most efficient and effective customized plan, timeline, and cost possible.  During this audit, we focus on four main “pillars” of brand. These pillars allow us to get a holistic view of your business and ensure that all of the components of your brand are positioning you for success.

Brand Clarity

The first pillar we look at is clarity. Brand Clarity can mean a lot of things - including but not limited to understanding your target market, niche, and avatar, having a clear operational and strategic business/marketing plan, and establishing a clear vision and brand voice. This vital step allows us to ensure that every decision we make moving forward is meaningful, strategic, and serving the greater vision. We want your brand to be a well-oiled machine instead of a bunch of disconnected moving parts.

Brand Foundations

In the Brand Foundations stage, we ensure that your brand has a strong, compelling visual identity that is aligned with the brand vision and voice and provokes a visceral reaction from the target audience. Maintaining a cohesive brand presence across all platforms is vital to the efficacy of your brand and marketing, so we make sure to set you up with all the tools you need. After your logo is finalized, we equip you with brand cohesive business card and email signature designs, as well as a one sheet of brand guidelines so you’re empowered to create consistent, professional materials in the future.

Brand Operations

Most small businesses are short on time and manpower. Being a small business owner often means wearing 900 hats at a time and trying to squeeze everything you can out of the mere 24 hours each day holds. Juggling “all the things” on the business and marketing end while also delivering a service to your clients can be draining and difficult…which is why our next pillar is Brand Operations.

This is a very strategic and practical area of brand that is often overlooked, but just as your brand’s voice and visuals are unique, the way that it functions on both the back end and the customer-facing side are too. We ensure that you’re equipped with any organizational, streamlining, and marketing tools needed so that you can do “all the things” without breaking a sweat and focus on what you love most: helping people.

Brand Presence

Finally, all the pieces come together in the final pillar: Brand Presence. Speaking from the brand voice and messaging, we create a custom mobile/desktop website with SEO designed with your brand foundation guidelines, incorporating any operational streamlining integrations needed. From our perspective, your website is essentially your virtual office space - it should immerse your audience in whatever feeling you’d want them to have when visiting you in person (calm, comfort, etc). From a functional end, it should be like a front desk assistant - a place where they can schedule appointments, find information, make payments, or do pretty much anything else you need them to do. During this phase, we also make sure that you’re equipped to establish and maintain brand-cohesive social media profiles and marketing content via both social media and emails.

After setting all of this up on our end, we provide you with comprehensive training on updating and maintaining your website and social media accounts, complete with video recordings for later review so that you can command these new tools with ease - making things truly easier instead of just more complicated.

To summarize, after going through our process you'll leave us with clarity on the business and marketing end, brand messaging, a logo, brand guidelines, a business card, an email signature, streamlined operational tools, a fully functional website, a custom email marketing template, social media templates, and plenty of knowledge on how to use all of these things effectively. We also do offer lifetime technical troubleshooting on any websites we design, just in case you have trouble down the line.

And again, this is totally customizable - while the full process takes nine weeks, you could be up-and-running much sooner at a lower cost depending on how much you actually need.

Want to identify your brand’s unique needs?
Let’s hop on a strategy call for your complimentary brand audit today!

Ongoing Services

While our branding process provides you with many empowering tools that make it possible to maintain your brand and marketing on your own, that doesn’t mean you have to! If you find yourself overwhelmed, needing support, or simply needing to delegate marketing tasks so that you can focus on more important things, we have your back!

We provide ongoing support on both a done for you and done with you basis, depending on what you’re looking for. Our done for you services allow you to simply offload your marketing to us so you don’t have to even think about it.

We offer various services, including but not limited to: social media content and management, email marketing, website maintenance, blog post composition, and webinar/event support. All of these services are available either on a done for you or done with you (where we collaborate on these tasks together on calls) basis, and can be accompanied with weekly, biweekly, or monthly brand coaching/strategy sessions.

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