What is the coBranding Process?

Your brand is far more than just an aesthetic identity. A strong brand must take into account every detail of your business, from the resonance of your messaging to the fonts and colors you're using, to the cohesiveness of your social media accounts. It can be incredibly overwhelming and difficult to evaluate each individual nuance to see what may be hurting or helping your small business, and it is even more difficult to refine and rework them in a way that allows them to function as a single well-oiled machine. That is precisely what our process was designed to do.

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Our process is an eight-week program, comprised of weekly one hour coaching calls that are completely one on one so that you get the individualized support and advice that you need.  Nothing in life is one size fits all, so we look at your business as its own unique entity with its own history and its own future.  Although we have the process broadly split into our eight weeks together, if you need a little more time in some areas and a little less time in others, our process is fully customizable so that you get the support you need in the areas you need it.

Weeks 1 and 2: Goal Setting and Brand Clarity

In our first session together, we will do a full audit of your online presence, logo, administrative operations, messaging, social media marketing, and email marketing.  We will identify what your desired outcome is in each area and make a plan for how we can achieve that goal during our time together.

A major aspect of achieving a clear and effective business model is identifying your ideal client, the people who light up your passion for what you do.  Then we address how we can make your brand stand out from the rest for these people so that they choose you.

Week 3: Brand Foundations

Now that we know who your ideal client is, we can work on crafting a brand identity that will help you get on their radar and set you apart.  We will celebrate the things that are unique about you without compromising the value of what you do.  During this part of the process, we will develop a brand new logo or redesign your current one and provide you with a brand style guide so you can make sure everything you do matches your new logo.  We'll also help you show off your shiny new brand with business cards, a custom email signature, and anything else you might need to market yourself effectively.

Week 4: Brand Operations

At its core, you provide a service.  The more time you have to provide that service, the more people you are able to help and the more money you are able to make.  We will go through your day to day business tasks and find ways to streamline or automate them to make your administrative tasks more efficient and more organized.  This may look like setting up financial spreadsheets to track your income and expenses so that you're ready for tax season, or this could be setting you up with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program so that you can track your active leads and sales contacts.

Weeks 5-8: Brand Presence

During the rest of our time together, we will work on the most important aspect of your business - your online presence.  The first thing most people do nowadays before making a purchase or signing up for a new program is Googling you.  We will make sure that your website, social media accounts, and anywhere else people may find you looks clean and professional, and that everywhere they go, they see a brand-cohesive snapshot of who you are and how you help people like them.  After setting all of this up on our end, we provide you with comprehensive training on updating and maintaining your website and social media accounts, complete with video recordings for later review.

You'll leave us with a custom email marketing template, social media templates, and plenty of knowledge on how to use these effectively, as well as lifetime technical support and troubleshooting.

Not sure how this applies to your business?  Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation so we can go over our process in detail and show you how we can help you grow.