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How to ACTUALLY find time to relax with a busy schedule

The common mistake of "free time."

In the 21st century, we’re busy people. Between the “rise and grind” and “hustle” culture, we love our work (sometimes a little too much), and often equate it with a sense of esteem. But for too many of us, the grind never seems to stop, and we find ourselves in a constant state of burn out and exhaustion. The real problem is, we don’t prioritize rest in our schedules. Instead, we shelf it off as “free time” — something we get to when we can, (after all of our work is done), and not as an essential part of our health and functioning. Here's my gripe with the words "free time": we very rarely leave it free. Most of the time, we fill those moments with as many obligations and responsibilities as we can possibly squeeze in, rarely giving any time to self-care or rest at all - let alone with any consistency. Unfortunately, this is what happens to many workaholics. If you have issues setting boundaries with yourself when it comes to work, and struggle to prioritize self-care, try this: Carve out 30 mins - 1 hour a day in your schedule, set aside as “self-care.” During this time, there is NO set objective, except to simply ask yourself: What do I need right now? And then, oblige yourself. You can journal, take a walk, meal prep, watch Netflix... It doesn’t matter what exactly you do, as long as it makes you feel good. Commit to this time, and block it off in your calendar, if you need to. The point is to practice letting go of work expectations and tuning into yourself. This way, you can remain mindful of yourself and your needs on a more consistent level. Take just a little time everyday to check in with yourself, and it will go a long way for your well-being!


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