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Is your brand attracting the wrong people? Here's why.

People are mirrors. We attract those who reflect us and our values. In other words, like attracts like. So if you find that you’re not attracting the right kinds of people — clients that you love and fit you like a glove — it might be because your brand just isn’t you. When a brand isn’t properly representing us, we don’t feel good about it. We might feel frustrated, insecure, or even embarrassed about our presence. Sometimes, this is because we’re lacking clarity on what we truly want. Other times, we’re so anxious about selling that we’re afraid to be who we really are. Here’s the truth. Mom always told us, “Just be yourself and people will like you” — We all know that isn’t 100% true. However, the right people will like you. There’s a collective belief that we simply can’t just show up as ourselves, that we are not good enough, and that branding and marketing will never work unless we’re trying to mask who we really are… We couldn’t disagree more! Every client we work with has a genuinely unique point of view that sets them apart from others in their field, which is a critical component to professional success. When your brand represents who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re capable of doing for your clients… You feel proud and confident to hand someone that business card. You feel at ease directing someone to your website. You attract the right people who fit you, and rejection doesn’t phase you as much — You know that not everyone will be a fit, and that’s okay. Authenticity is surely one of the keys to business success, as well as creating work that is enjoyable, fulfilling and very meaningful. To thine own self be true!


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