coBranding provides a collaborative and convenient process specifically designed to provide health and wellness professionals with a comprehensive, cohesive, consistent brand identity across all platforms that helps them coherently communicate who they are to the world and connect with their dream clients. (We like "co" words.)


In which we pinpoint who you are, how to present that to the world, who your ideal client is, and how to attract them. 



  • identity coaching & intake sessions

  • target market & identity research 

  • static & animated logo design

  • comprehensive brand style guide

  • business card design


In which we utilize the data and branding from step one to create the user-friendly, easy-to-maintain website of your dreams.



  • mobile & desktop optimized web design

  • copywriting & seo overhaul

  • mailing list

  • custom integrations

  • full website maintenance tutorial


In which we help you establish an impactful, effective, efficient, marketing presence that  is not time consuming to maintain.



  • social media profile setup

  • social media graphics

  • 3 branded social media post templates

  • mailing list template & content tutorial

  • efficient & effective social media tutorial 

Your brand identity is an extension of you. It's how the world sees you. More importantly, it's how clients see you. But building an effective, cohesive brand can be a frustrating struggle.

So many health and wellness professionals tend to fall victim to what we call "DIY (Do It Yourself) Branding". They take their brand into their own hands and create a generic logo using an app or web template. They then develop the rest of their promotional materials without any insight into how to create a cohesive, professional brand that speaks to their target audience.

The result of "DIY Branding"? A disconnected, inconsistent brand identity that often fails to accurately reflect your credibility and portray your messaging and personality. While "DIY Branding" saves money up front, it's time consuming, frustrating, and ultimately expensive  - because "DIY Branding" isn't effective and can cost you clients. Whether it's on social media, your website, or another platform, you get one shot to make that vital impression. If your branding misrepresents your practice, it's not going to attract or maintain the clients you're so passionate about helping.

We are remarkably passionate about empowering you to bring your dream brand to life and thus to be able to reach the people who need you. In order to do so, we have created an incredibly convenient and comprehensive branding process to make your branding experience efficient, easy, and effective! Our branding process has helped so many health and wellness professionals, including life coaches, psychologists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, medical doctors, and more!

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